Home Loans Queensland

With a wide range of lenders and hundreds of products, who is there to assist Queenslanders in finding the most suitable loan for their needs? BrisLoans.


Brokers work for you, finding the best deals by comparing multiple factors.

By providing an informed, independent and professional service, we assist you in finding the most suitable loan for your needs, taking account of your future goals and objectives


Unsure of what loan is best for you? Need advice as to the best structure?

With a large panel of lenders to choose from, BrisLoans can provide you with a multitude of lending products, allowing the most suitable product to be found for you.


Variable rates, Fixed rates, redraws and offset accounts. Home loans are getting complicated!

As a part of our service, we will learn about and clarify your needs and goals, helping you understand the various lending products available to you.

CONTACT US Email, phone or even mail, take the next step today in your fulfilling your lending needs. Contact us through for assistance, as helping your achieve your goals is our goal.

Home Loans

With the hundreds of home loan products available to Australians, our service helps to find which home loan suits your needs and goals.

Our large lending panel provides you with options of Banks, Credit Unions, Building Societies and other lending entities, ensuring there is a product available for the varied and unique situations we face.

How do you find the most suitable loan?
Through sitting down with you and assesing your situation, looking at what you goals are, both short term and in the future. We take this information and compare it to the products on offer, factoring in your needs and concerns.

Should we find a product which meets your needs and goals, and that you are personally happy with, we can proceed to process the loan. Whether this is a simple transaction or complex, we will endeavour to settle the transaction are efficiently and effectively as possible.

After all, we’re in the business of helping you achieve your goals.